Steve the Sheriff 2 - The Case of the Missing Thing

Steve the Sheriff 2 - The Case of the Missing Thing 1.0

Steve the Sheriff 2 is a hidden-object game with puzzle elements
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ERG G-Studio

Steve the Sheriff 2 - The Case of the Missing Thing is a nice hidden-object game in which you are a detective who must find the thief who has stolen an important painting from the museum. Throughout the game you will visit different parts of your town searching for clues by playing a series of hidden-object games, which eventually will lead you to the thief .

The city is situated underwater and has wonderfully created scenes. Objects are pretty well hidden and some of them are not so easy to find. For those hard-to-find objects, you can use hints. The hint system is pretty original, but not very useful. The hint button has the form of a cigar that is lit whenever you click on it, and releases a black smoke revealing the location of an object. However, the indication is not very clear since it covers a large area, so it doesn't help much.

Apart from the list of objects, there are also special tasks that involve looking for other objects in the same scene and combining them to achieve your goal. Also, throughout the game you can collect 36 cigars that are hidden in some of the levels, with which you can unlock bonus games. The game has only one game mode, which is untimed, and the only penalty for random clicking is that you cannot move the cursor for a few seconds.

The only drawback I found is that if you replay a level, the objects appear in the same position and the list of objects to find is exactly the same. So the game offers no replayability. However, the game is pretty long and I doubt that you will want to play it again.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Long
  • Beautiful scenes
  • Fun mini-games
  • Unlockable bonus games are a plus


  • No replayability
  • Hint system is not very useful
  • Only one game mode
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